Think you want to retire?  Think again!

I’ve been thinking about the golden years as it  used to be standard to retire at 62, however, we now live longer and can be productive, if you enjoy your career it may be a mistake to think about those  “golden years” as advertised by developers wanting you to move to new  communities. I advise keep working as long as possible, if you are in a corporate environment wait till your employer comes to you don’t offer to take retirement.

We live longer and you will need more assets to supplement your pension, IRA, and social security.  Think of all of the money you spend, now visualize what it would be like without  that income.  How are you going to pay for food, entertainment, taxes, travel, visiting family, theater?

The stock market can be a risk so that you may want to consider non risk in your portfolio, which further diminishes your assets but keeps you protected.

However, the main point here is to enjoy the fruits of building up your talents and skills over the years, you have put much time and effort into learning how to be good at what you do,  now is the time to enjoy the benefits of your learning and experience.  You can be a valued member of your organization,and society,  don’t be fooled by the marketing and advertising media to retire early, keep working and sharing your knowledge.