Marriage Support Group

On The Rocks—A support group for marriages in trouble

You’re not happy. You hate going home. Weekends you’d rather be working. You fight, but you never kiss and make up. Your sex life is on life support. You’re thinking about having an affair, or maybe you’re having one. You have kids, and you don’t want to disrupt their lives. You’re sorry you ever got married in the first place. Bottom line, you’re miserable. But who do you talk to when your marriage is in trouble? You can’t talk to your partner, and it’s risky to talk to friends or family. But you can’t keep it a secret either. Keeping secrets can lead to depression, illness, and a sense of isolation. Sharing and listening are intrinsic to addressing the problem. So what do you do?

In On The Rocks, you will find a  supportive community of people and objective advice from a caring professional. Even if you’re already in therapy or couples counseling, you can benefit greatly from talking to other people going through the same things you are. Marriages face endless challenges: parenting, finances and debt, addiction, job loss and transition, empty nest, and one of the biggest challenges of all—infidelity. The Marriages in Trouble Group offers a safe, private, supportive community led by a licensed professional with over 20 years of experience helping individuals and couples achieve their goals. Come with your partner or by yourself. In the Marriages in Trouble Group you will have the opportunity to listen to and learn from others and share only what you feel comfortable sharing. The Group meets once a week, and the fee is $300 per month.

Group therapy can be more powerful and bring about better results than individual therapy for troubled marriages and relationships. Here are some of the benefits of the group therapy approach (adapted from Psych Central).

  1. Group therapy reminds you that there are other people facing the same challenges you are.
  1. Group therapy opens up multiple channels for giving and receiving help.
  1. Group therapy helps you become more aware of your own feelings and needs as you share them.
  1. Group therapy helps you develop social skills and relate to others more effectively.
  1. Group therapy provides a crucial safety net of people who care about you.

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Photo–Reinis Traidis/Flickr