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I am a caring and pragmatic problem solver who will listen closely and partner with you to resolve your issues and help you move forward with your life. I have over 20 years of experience treating clients with depression (including postpartum), anxiety, marital and family issues, career and life transitions, pre-teen and adolescent issues (for both children and parents), and issues concerning the elderly. I also treat alcohol and drug abuse and post-traumatic stress (PTSD). Please call me for a free phone consultation to find out how I can help you.

I have helped hundreds of clients successfully work through depression, anxiety, and marital and family issues. In my 20-plus years of practice, I have developed an empathic approach, focusing on my clients’ immediate need to restore emotional stability, while developing a realistic plan tailored to each person’s concerns.

From the moment we connect, we begin working on your specific issue(s). We focus quickly on your reasons for seeking therapy and together, as partners, we move forward to develop a plan that will enable you to start feeling better.


Have you found yourself experiencing any of these thoughts or feelings?

  • I’m stressed about my finances.
  • I feel lonely and isolated.
  • My children aren’t behaving and don’t listen to me about anything.
  • I can’t sleep.
  • I’m always anxious, and I can’t seem to focus or make decisions. I keep procrastinating.
  • I’m constantly irritated and angry with everyone around me.
  • I’m drinking more than usual, and I’m worried I might be an alcoholic.
  • My child graduated from college and doesn’t have a job yet.
  • I think I may be depressed.
  • I have a feeling my teenager is using drugs.
  • My partner and I are arguing all the time. We could use some marriage counseling.
  • I just lost my job or feel I am about to.
  • I think we might need family therapy.
  • I’m thinking about getting a divorce.
  • I don’t get along with my in-laws, and it’s hurting my marriage.
  • I love my mother, but she drives me crazy.
  • I’m wondering if couples therapy might help my marriage.
  • My elderly parents are consuming more and more of my time.
  • My marriage has lost its spark.
  • I need grief counseling and support.
  • I’m really unhappy in my relationship.
  • I know I need a therapist but I feel overwhelmed, and I don’t want to talk to a stranger.
  • I just want to feel better.









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Phone: (203) 910-9884